animation | puppets | 7’40” | 2009 | Inside, in a space between four walls; Inside, in an individual world of hallucinations and expectations… Writer/Director/Set Designer/DoP/Animator: Ivan Ivanovski Producer: Violeta Kachakova Editor: Dorijan Milovanovik Music: Vladimir Kaevski and Ivan Ivanovski Sound design: Alen Hadzi-Stefanov and Ivan Ivanovski VFX and Digital Intermediate: Misho Ristov … More Inside

People’s Front 12

| animation | puppets/cut-out | 10’09” | 2012 | People’s Front is a short animation film that mirrors the contemporary society through interrelated stories, symbols and allegories present in and around the building No 12. Film by: Ivan Ivanovski Producer: Violeta Kachakova Music: Filip Mitrov, Ivan Ivanovski VFX: Misho Ristov, Goran Petrushevski Voice: Vladimir Lukash … More People’s Front 12


animation | cut-outs | 5’59” | 2013 | A world where your dreams come true, a place where you can purchase your happiness. Supermarket Konzo. Film by Ivan Ivanovski Music: Filip Mitrov Visual effects: Dorijan Milovanovik Sound: Ivan Ivanovski, Goran Petrovski Voice: Gjorgje Jovanovik